Get Work and Travel Authorization fast with an EB-5 Visa Center Rural Project Investment

In the past, the EB-5 investment process has been known for its slow investor application processing times and backlogs.

The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA) has given investors new options. Under the RIA, investors already in the United States can now apply for their work and travel documents when they file their EB-5 application. This filing option greatly speeds up the work and travel authorization process.

When a foreign national invests in an EB-5 project, the first step is to file Form I-526E. This application informs U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of the investor’s desire to obtain a visa through an EB-5 investment.

The RIA now allows investors to submit both Form I-526E and Form I-485 simultaneously. (Form I-485 is the application non-immigrant visa holders use to adjust their immigration status.)

This change has streamlined the process, enabling investors to change their immigration status to “pending” and apply for an EAD, more commonly known as Work Authorization. Once they get an EAD—sometimes in a matter of days—this allows them to work legally in the U.S. while their Green Card application is being processed.

After submitting both applications, an investor can also apply for a travel permit.

The EB-5 Program Offers a Fast Solution for Changing Immigration Status

Non-immigrant visas often limit what the visa holder can do. These can include restrictions on work and travel.

The EB-5 visa has become more and more popular as an alternative to more restrictive visas. Many H-1B and E-2 visa holders are pursuing EB-5 visas to help avoid the limitations they face.

For example, an H-1B visa worker can work in only a specific sector. He or she also needs employer sponsorship. If an H-1B visa holder loses his or her job, he or she must quickly find another sponsor or leave the United States.

But foreign nationals who file their I-526E and I-485 petitions at the same time can have these limitations removed. EB-5 applicants living in the United States can quickly obtain work authorization. Then they can work where they want without worrying about employer sponsorship.

An immigration attorney, recently noted that “Concurrent filing through an EB-5 visa application is a new—and unprecedented—opportunity for immigrant investors. They can get an EAD in just days. These opportunities are very rare in U.S. immigration programs, and I would encourage those in the U.S. on H-1B, E-2, F-1, and similar visas to seriously consider this option. You can essentially start to enjoy many of the benefits of permanent residency in a matter of days.”

The EB-5 Program Is Currently a Great Option for Indian, Chinese and now even Vietnam Visa Holders

Chinese and Indian nationals make up a large part of those working in the United States on H-1B visas. Until recently, the EB-5 visa was not a great option for them due to massive application backlogs.

Under the RIA, though, this dynamic has changed. The RIA offers a solution for Chinese and Indian nationals to avoid long waits: set-aside EB-5 visas. These visas are reserved for investors in high-unemployment projects and rural projects like the direct investments in our EB-5 Projects.

Investing in these kinds of projects allows Chinese and Indian investors to avoid long processing times. Only a limited number of these set-aside visas are available each year. So far, that limit has not been reached. But investors who are interested should take advantage of this opportunity while they can.

With a direct investment in the EB5 project, which is in a rural TEA, you can immediately be eligible for one of these set-aside visas. This allowed you to change his immigration status right away.

Get Your EAD and Travel Permit Quickly with an Investment in an EB5 Visa Center Project

For non-immigrant visa holders who don’t wish to leave the country , the EB-5 visa can be a quick route to living in the United States with work and travel authorization.

Our investors’ quick work and travel authorization reflects the high quality of our projects. EB5 Visa Center projects boast a 100{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} USCIS approval rate and a number of investors who have successfully navigated the concurrent filing process.

If you are a non-immigrant visa holder, we invite you to consider the EB-5 program and EB5 Visa Center . Our projects offer a quick, low-risk way to secure your future in the United States.

Consider Investing in EB5 Visa Center, a Low-Risk Rural EB-5 Project

EB5 Visa Center Group of direct investment companies are working on several single-family home and townhome communities in the Greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.

Progress on the project is essential for EB-5 investors to meet the job-creation requirements of the EB-5 program. EB5 Visa Center has already created all the necessary jobs for its EB-5 investors. Since this is the main requirement for EB-5 investors to get their Green Cards, the project’s immigration risk is minimal.

Because the project is in a rural TEA, its investors qualify for set-aside EB-5 visas. This makes EB5 Visa Center a great option for Chinese and Indian nationals who want to avoid the long waits of standard EB-5 visas. Rural TEA designation also qualifies investors for priority processing for Form I-526E

EB5 Visa Center’s main goal is to help investors immigrate through the EB-5 program and protect their invested capital. Our positive experience of quickly getting EAD, demonstrates how EB5 Visa Center is meeting the clear demand for high-quality rural EB-5 projects. EB5 Visa Center believes its focus on transparency and excellence offers one of the safest ways for EB-5 investors to quickly get their work and travel permits.

To learn more about how you can secure an EAD in a matter of days, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with EB5 Visa Center today .

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