Step by Step

Process to Gain U.S. Permanent Residence Status as a Foreign Investor through EB-5 Investment

Step-By-Step Guide to the EB-5 Immigration Process with EB5 VISA CENTER

Step 1: Contact Us: Complete Eligibility Questionnaire, Sign NDA, Review Offering Documents
  • Fill out an EB-5 investor eligibility questionnaire
  • Sign our non-disclosure agreement to obtain our investment offering documents
  • Read and understand all offering documents and make an investment decision

Step 2: Prepare Source-of-Funds Report, Document Accredited Investor status
  • If needed, sign a contract with a qualified firm to prepare your Source-of-Funds report and remit applicable payments
  • Verify Accredited Investor status by providing Accredited Investor Certification letter

Step 3: Complete and Sign Automated Subscription Booklet to Subscribe to Corporation
  • Complete our automated Subscription Booklet and Escrow Acknowledgement then sign and return a digital or hard copy
  • Once the Subscription Booklet is reviewed and approved, a countersigned copy of the Subscription Agreement will be sent to the investor

Step 4: Transfer Required Investment Funds
  • Wire or transfer the Administrative Fee to the indicated EB5 VISA CENTER Fund General Corporation Account (See Wire Instructions)
  • Wire or transfer the $800,000 EB-5 capital investment to the indicated EB5 VISA CENTER Fund Escrow Account for further direct investment into your specific company purchase, as agreed by Agreement. (See Wire Instructions)

Step 5: I-526E Petition Filing for Temporary Green Card Status
  • Sign contract with Immigration Counsel to begin I-526E Petition preparation
  • Submit Source-of-Funds Report to Immigration Counsel to be included in the I-526E Petition submission
  • Immigration Counsel submits I-526E Petition to USCIS
  • Please note, we can provide recommendations for immigration counsel if needed

Step 6: Consulate Interview or Adjustment of Status
  • If investor resides outside of the U.S., a consulate interview will be scheduled
  • If investor resides in the U.S. with a valid H-1B / E-2 / F-1 / TN visa, the investor’s immigration attorney will help adjust the visa status. An application for adjustment of status can be filed concurrently with the I-526E Petition.
  • The investor receives conditional two-year green card (permanent residence)

Step 7: Submit I-829 Petition for Removal of Temporary Green Card Conditions
  • Three months before the conditional green card expires, the investor’s immigration attorney will submit the 1-829 petition to remove temporary conditions
  • Once the I-829 petition is approved, the investor will receive a permanent green card
  • Principal is repaid to each investor after the loan term expires

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