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Obtaining a green card through the EB-5 visa program can be overwhelming. Selecting a high-quality EB-5 project is crucial for obtaining a green card while safeguarding investment capital. The EB-5 Visa Center staff understand, the investment timeline, and perform due diligence on potential EB-5 projects.

The EB-5 Visa Center projects are sought out by EB-5 immigrant investors because we offer and fund only institutional-quality real estate development, aviation related, or telecommunications projects that not only meet the immigration requirements of the EB-5 program but also provide a level of financial security that remains unmatched in the EB-5 industry. All of the EB-5 Visa Center projects we offer are in Rural, Targeted Employment Areas (TEA) or considered “an Infrastructure” project In addition, all our available EB-5 projects are in full compliance with USCIS EB-5 requirements, with all required jobs already created or in process, and all invested capital remains secure for our EB-5 investors. We will continue to strive for a 100{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} USCIS project approval rate, and many of our investors are already living in the United States as permanent resident green card holders.

EB-5 Visa Center offers a return of 100{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} of your Investment Funds if for any reason the EB-5 project you select does not receive or maintain USCIS project approval.

Investor-First Philosophy – We put our clients first, providing transparency and trust

Additionally, EB-5 Visa Center works with real estate developers and entrepreneurs to structure their own projects for EB-5 investment. Contact our staff for more information or assistance.

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