The EB-5 Visa Center is a DIRECT INVESTMENT coordinator and when the EB-5 Visa Center entered into the EB-5 market, we recognized a glaring problem that we felt presented an opportunity for us to build a business around in order to solve.  That problem was EB-5 investors were not being offered investment structures which produces a return-on-investment that they would get in the exact same project if they were a private, non-EB-5 investor. 

We then asked: “Why is that?”

The answer is quite unfortunate: Regional Centers and developers understood that EB-5 investors’ primary motivation is getting their Green Card, not necessarily generating a decent return-on-investment.  Accordingly, the Regional Centers and Developers essentially are exploiting EB-5 investors by using their capital at very low interest rates relative to what they would have to pay a non-EB-5 investor.

This “spread” between what the Regional Centers and Developers pay the EB-5 investor and what the market-rate cost of that capital would be increases the profitability of the Regional Centers and Developers, all at the expense of the EB-5 Investors who, after all, all taking almost all of the risk.  

As Direct Investments, our EB-5 Projects offering annual Return-on-Investment between 4{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} – 8{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}+ per year, depending on the type of EB-5 Project you invest in and the specific part of the capital stack you invest in within that Project.

EB-5 Center Annual ROINormal EB-5 Projects Annual ROIMarket Rate Annual ROI
Preferred 4{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} – 7{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}1{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} – 4{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}12{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c} – 15{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}
Common 8{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}+5{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}+15{b7e76565d698ef37089c7b8bacf20262fdf7631d3cb6e08a434983410328069c}

By providing EB-5 investors the ability to achieve a return-on-investment that is much closer to the market-rate, we simultaneous differentiate ourselves within the EB-5 project community, attract more sophisticated EB-5 investors who are sensitive to how their money is invested from a risk vs. reward perspective, and end the era where EB-5 investors were exploited and forced into EB-5 projects that do not produce an adequate return-on-investment.

Each EB-5 Visa Center project is different and exact information about the investment structure (stock or loan) will be discussed un the project documents.

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